rachell Lee

Hi! I’m Rachell (yes, with 2 L’s). I have a sweet passion for luxury travel on a budget and creating new experiences for myself. Personally, I live by the guideline of “living as the highest version of myself”.

Golden Hour Lifestyle is my manifestation of living my best life in every moment. I want to make every moment my “golden hour”, and I believe that we all have the power to live like this.

Embrace yourself and become the highest possible version of yourself with every experience, whether it be exploring a new culture, destination, beauty product, or even the simple tasks in life.

The only way to really know yourself and become your own advocate is to find your path and passions. Don’t let fear and doubt get in the way of paving your golden standard of life.

I want to help others create their lives on their own terms. Follow me on my self-love journey as I explore beautiful destinations and innovative products!