My First Time Getting Lip Fillers: Before and After


I don’t know who I think I am, but I got lip fillers for the first time. 

Keep reading to see the before and after, because pics or it didn’t happen. 💋

*DISCLAIMER* I am not condoning or promoting lip fillers, facial enhancements, or injectables in any way. I just want to share my personal journey of getting lip fillers in case there are others who want to know more about the procedure. You are beautiful with or without fillers, and I hope that me sharing my story can help you stay informed. 💕 

What you choose to do with your face and body is totally YOUR CHOICE! 

Lip fillers at the Image Center

After months of following Joanna the Nurse, @joannathenurse, on IG, I wanted to get my lips done.

Joanna the Nurse specializes in injectables at The Image Center located in Huntington Beach, CA. I decided to go with The Image Center because I trusted Nurse Joanna’s work.

Pro-tip: this aesthetics medspa always hosts giveaways and treatment discounts 💸  on social media, so make sure to stay up-to-date with their IG page @theimagecenter!

They also have a location in Irvine, CA, but I chose to go to their Huntington Beach location because it was closer to my Airbnb. I flew from Atlanta to LA for 3 days for this procedure, so I had a lot of time to kill. Read my post here to find some COVID-friendly things to do in LA if you decide to go to The Image Center too.

Their HB location is at 7801 Center Ave STE 201, Huntington Beach, CA. Visit their website to make an appointment!

Lip fillers Pain level 

I’m not sure how high other people’s pain tolerance is, but mine is pretty high. I’m the type of person who enjoys mouth-burning, butthole-spicy kind of food…🌶OK, maybe that was a little TMI. 

My point is that I can tolerate high levels of pain.

According to the nurse, I would “only feel pressure”.

Each time the nurse injected the needle into my lips, I felt a slight sting and discomfort. I wouldn’t call it painful, but it most definitely wasn’t comfortable. 

I would give the pain level a 5/10 because it definitely felt foreign and uncomfortable. The discomfort caught me off guard; I never felt that kind of pain or discomfort on my face before.

Lip Filler Check Asian
Before lip fillers
Lip Filler Check Asian
After lip fillers (6 days)

Lip filler Aftercare

When it comes to all things beauty-related, I tend to be VERY low-maintenance.

I enjoy treating myself to eyelash extensions, hair coloring, and acrylic nails, just like many other females.

But if it requires a lot of maintenance,✨ I don’t want it✨. 

When my nurse told me how to take care of my lips, I was surprised to hear that there is not much to do.

The first thing I asked the nurse when she was done was, “Can I go eat right after this?”

Food is always on my mind, and my hunger knows no patience.

It was completely OK to go eat right after as long as I wiped or patted my lips clean of any oil or food residue. 

Some other tips for lip filler aftercare are:

  • Take Arnica tablets or eat pineapples 🍍 to help with the swelling and the bruising. Pineapples naturally contain Bromelain, which promotes healing, reduces bruising, and decreases swelling. I noticed my lips looked like someone sucked the life out of them with all the swelling and blueish bruises! Fortunately, I got myself a pineapple juice smoothie right after.

  • Massage your lips gently over the next 2 weeks with clean fingers as needed. There will be visible lumps right after the procedure and it takes up to 2 weeks to completely settle in nicely. A light massage here and there will help it fall in the right place.
  • Avoid alcohol. 🥂 Honestly, this one was almost a dealbreaker for me because I love me a nice glass of wine. My nurse informed me that excessive drinking dissolves the filler more quickly, so one glass of wine won’t hurt. However, you should avoid alcohol for a week before and after the procedure to heal the bruising and swelling quicker.
  • Avoid other blood-thinners before and after the procedure. This includes Vitamin E, Ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, ginger, and garlic. This is for the same reason to avoid alcohol. You’ll thank me later.
Lip filler check Asian
A close-up of the bruising a few hours later. *Sorry for the uncomfortable close-up!*

Overall review

This was my first time getting any kind of aesthetic procedure/enhancement (other than eyelash extensions, but you know what I mean).

I am surprised at how EASY and ACCESSIBLE the whole process is. I completely understand now why some women constantly get touch-ups for more volume.

However, I’m pretty satisfied with my one-time experience for now.

If anyone lives in the Atlanta area and knows of a good medical spa that specializes in fillers or non-surgical procedures, please let me know in the comments below!

Stay golden, and remember that beauty comes from the positivity you bring to the world, not your outer appearance. 💛 💛 💛


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