Things to do in LA: COVID Edition

Travel bans may still be in place for your favorite international destinations, but there are still many places you can visit within the U.S. that are COVID-friendly, like LA. 

I spent 3 days in Los Angeles, California because I had a lip filler and non-surgical rhinoplasty appointment in California. Read my post about my filler experience if you want to learn more! 💋

Aside from getting injectable treatments, here are some cool things to do in LA: COVID edition.

*Even though it may seem like everyone is going out and not caring about the virus, I want to remind you that we are still experiencing escalating numbers of infections and a serious pandemic. Please continue to wear your masks and keep your social distance from everyone so we can all start traveling to our favorite destinations soon!* ❤️

Cool things to do in LA, COVID edition
Cruising the streets of Santa Monica

Explore Santa Monica

After spending time cooped up in my bedroom back in Atlanta, I was ready for a change of environment.

One of my bucket list items for my LA trip was to visit Santa Monica, and it did not disappoint!

I noticed that parking was not easy, just like everywhere else near LA.

Multiple public parking lots are designated for beach-goers, but only a few are actually open due to COVID-19.

According to the Santa Monica beach website, the “Pier, Downtown and Beach parking operations may be temporarily suspended to reduce public crowding:”

Visit their website to read more on their updated COVID-19 rules, parking, openings, and cancellations.

We decided to park at Parking Lot 4S (South) because it was right on the edge of the beach.

A cashier and a machine are both at the entrance to pay for parking ($10 Mon-Fri), but unfortunately, they had technical difficulties and we had to under the hot sun for a good 15 minutes before it started working again.

I recommend bringing cash 💸 to pay for parking so you won’t need to wait for machine maintenance!

Cool things to do in LA, COVID edition

Cruising through the streets of Santa Monica lined with palm trees is an experience I can never get in Atlanta.

The feeling of the fresh ocean breeze felt so healing and rejuvenating.🌊 

I noticed that everyone wore their masks even if they were biking or running. I made sure to also wear my mask and only took it off for pictures when no one else was around! 

The Santa Monica Pier is still open for the public to walk around, although the entertainment rides and vendors were all closed for business.

Regardless, I still enjoyed taking some Insta-worthy shots on the pier. 

Shopping on Melrose Avenue (The RealReal)

Before our reservation at Catch LA, we decided to explore the shopping stores along Melrose Ave.

One of my favorite spots to visit was The RealReal.

This luxury consignment store has a diverse selection of luxury goods that are gently used or almost brand-new. From Gucci to Off-White, there is so much to see, especially at a discount from the retail price!

At the entrance, The RealReal workers check your temperature and do the regular COVID protocol.

They even had free water for you while waiting in line!💦

There were several other stores that I visited on Melrose Avenue, but The RealReal was definitely my favorite. There was so much to see and they even had a mini-coffee shop inside.

A store associate informs you about the store selections upon arrival and also helps you navigate the different sections according to your interests. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for luxury goods at a discount!

Visit Catch LA

For my first time in LA, I was ready to feel bad and bougie. Catch LA is one of the most instagrammable spots on Melrose Ave. and all the famous and beautiful celebrities frequent here. Some notable guests are Kylie Jenner, David Beckham, Chris Brown, and Cindy Crawford.

After learning about this hot spot, I had to check it out and see what the hype was all about. Personally, I was looking forward to the ambiance and environment rather than the food. 

Catch LA is sea-food focused, but most people go here more for the bougie environment, cocktails, and their rooftop garden area. 

Honestly, words do no justice to how beautiful this entrance area was, so here are the JPEGs.

Cool things to do in LA, COVID edition

To give you an idea of how bougie or posh this place is, my server was wearing a Rolex. I don’t mean posh as in cocktail-attire, but it was definitely upscale.

Upon arrival, a worker checked our temperature before even entering the building. Everyone is required to wear masks upon entrance until you are seated and you have ordered your food. Catch LA definitely seemed to be serious about their COVID preventative measures and I truly appreciated it.

The first thing I did before sitting down was to snap some IG-worthy pics in their rooftop garden! Right after I got off the elevator, I was surrounded by roses, flowers, and lush greenery- talk about an Instagram influencer’s dream!

Do some window-shopping at Rodeo Drive

I couldn’t leave LA without visiting the infamous Rodeo Drive, where all the luxury brands are. 

I’m sure that everyone knows what Rodeo Drive is at this point, but I was still star-struck to be here.

There’s something about being surrounded by the most expensive and luxurious brands that makes me feel happy, even if I don’t buy anything.

things to do in LA, COVID edition

I did not plan on spending money here because I was more interested in exploring the streets and taking it all in.

I noticed that every single store had signs about their COVID restrictions and capacity limits. Every store that I visited also took my temperature and only allowed a maximum of about 5 people to enter at a time.

There were even a few stores that only allowed one guest at a time and had to wait at the door until a store associate let them in. 

Kill some time at the LACMA Urban Lights

On my last night in LA, I had extra time to kill.

I told myself I wouldn’t visit any “touristy” places because I felt that it might be overhyped, but I’m definitely glad I didn’t skip out on this.

As I finished eating at Yangmani in K-town, I decided to visit the LACMA Lights and take some last-minute pictures. 

There is street parking around the area and right at the back entrance of the LACMA. Parking on the street here is metered from 8 AM -8 PM, so you can park for free if you visit the exhibit outside of those time limits!

Upon arrival, there is a security guard that keeps track of how many people enter the exhibit and exit the premises.

Additionally, there is a community-use hand sanitizer machine right before entering. You are not allowed to touch the lights and must maintain your social distance from others as well. 

Cool things to do in LA, COVID edition

Overall, my first time visiting LA was definitely not under “normal circumstances”, but I still enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks to their strict, preventative measures, I felt safe and confident in visiting these places. 

Compared to Atlanta, LA businesses and public areas seemed much more strict in enforcing their COVID preventative measures- THE SHADE, I know! 

ATL needs to step up its COVID restriction enforcement. Periodt.

I would love to visit LA again when the pandemic is over. Until then, let’s all continue to do our part in social distancing and wearing masks! 😷


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