How to Avoid Airsickness: Tips and Tricks

Everyone talks about the fun and glamorous parts of traveling, but throwing up is quite the opposite. Airsickness is the WORST. 🤢

Trust me, I’ve been dealing with airsickness and motion sickness since I was a child.

When I was younger, my motion sickness nausea was so severe I used to get nosebleeds and always threw up during car rides.

Now that I’m older, I’ve grown accustomed to riding/driving cars. I’ve learned a couple of tricks to keep nausea down, especially when I’m traveling on a plane.

Here are my BEST personal tips to prevent airsickness during flights. ✈️

Airsickness prevention

Drink water and ginger ale to prevent airsickness

Stay hydrated, babe. 💧

Airsickness AND dehydration is not a good combination.

Before your flight, I recommend drinking loads of water to stay hydrated and to avoid potential headaches. Doing so will flush out any toxins from your body and you’ll feel more refreshed before the flight.

Once you board and start feeling airsick, try drinking ginger ale. Ginger ale helps settle your stomach and alleviates your urge to vomit. 

Ginger is naturally proven to decrease nausea and the soda water replaces fluids lost due to an upset stomach. 

If you don’t like the sugar in ginger ale, try asking the flight attendant for fresh ginger in hot tea.

Either way, keep yourself hydrated and make sure to use the restroom before the flight. 

Use earplugs to avoid ear pressure

Your inner ears contain fluids that play a huge part in your sense of balance. 👂 

Also, the high elevation causes increased air pressure in your inner ears.

Unfortunately, all the pressure messing with your inner ear fluids can definitely worsen your nausea.

I learned that wearing earplugs helps control the pressure in your ears, which in turn prevents nausea and motion sickness.

To learn more about the science behind your inner ears and motion sickness, read about the human balance system and the CDC’s recommendations for motion sickness

Keep your head down during take-off and landing

Your inner ear fluids move with every turn of your head, and you can imagine how vigorous and shaky the plane gets during take-off and landing.

Sometimes, even if I’m wearing earplugs, the turbulence from take-off and landing keeps me under an unbreakable spell of nausea. 

During these phases of the flight, I lean my head down against the chair in front of me.

It’s not foolproof, but doing so helps me gain a sense of SOME balance amidst the turbulence. 

Take Dramamine for airsickness

When nothing else works, I take Dramamine

Dramamine is an over-the-counter drug used to treat motion sickness. Perfect, right?

I usually try not to take it too often because I want my body to naturally become stronger and accustomed to motion sickness, but sometimes it’s not enough.

You can either buy the regular one that makes you drowsy or the non-drowsy kind. Taking the regular, drowsy one allows me to sleep the whole flight.

If you don’t mind being knocked out for a few hours, the regular Dramamine may be a good choice for you. This way you can avoid being awake for any airsickness.

If you’re like me and you like to get work done on the plane or watch movies, try taking the non-drowsy Dramamine. I always make sure to put it on my packing essentials list!

The two types have their pros and cons, but they both do the trick. 

We can’t completely cure our motion sickness, but I hope these tips help YOU conquer the debilitating waves of nausea.

We can’t let this condition stop us from exploring and experiencing beautiful cultures, people, food, and destinations in the world! 

Creating your own “golden hour” life is not all about the glamour and perfection; it’s about finding ways to enjoy life with no restraints. Use these tips to start traveling pain-free, and start enjoying your flights as you should.

Perhaps one day, motion sickness can be cured. Until then, I will continue to find more remedies to share with anyone else who experiences extreme symptoms. 

Don’t let the sickness dull your light. Stay shining, darlings. ✨


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